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single component mixtures
         in air or nitrogen
gas mixtures containing single components in air or nitrogen are available from scott-marrin.  please note that oxygen and nitric oxide are available in nitrogen only.  these gas mixtures are used in a wide variety of analytical applications.  additional options include epa protocol and other nist-traceable analyses.  please contact us for a complete list of options and pricing.  take a look at the tables below to see a list of typical components and the most common available ranges.

component name

typical range



3 ppm- 3 mole- %

air or nitrogen

carbon dioxide

5 ppm - 30 mole- %

air or nitrogen

carbon monoxide

0.1 ppm - 10 mole-%

air or nitrogen

hydrogen sulfide

5 ppm - 10 mole-%

air or nitrogen


0.5 ppm - 10 mole-%

air or nitrogen

nitric oxide

0.1 ppm - 1 mole-%

o2-free nitrogen

nitrogen dioxide 5 ppm - 5000 ppm air or nitrogen


5 ppm - 25 mole-%



0.1 ppm - 3 mole-%

air or nitrogen

sulfur dioxide

0.1 ppm - 10 mole-%

air or nitrogen

if you do not see your requirements listed above, give us a call for assistance.

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