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pure gas
instrument support gas

-impurities are critical when selecting a pure gas.  scott-marrin ultrapure air is the zero air standard of choice for ambient air monitoring.


pure gas

scott-marrin offers various pure gases for use in various applications.  select from the list below to check product specifications for the individual pure gases available.


carbon dioxide


why is purity so important?

high quality pure gas provides several key benefits to your application and instrumentation.  high quality pure gas reduces background interference, minimizes noise and will minimize baseline drifting.  this results in higher sensitivity and lower detectable limits giving you better readings.  another benefit of high quality pure gas is realized when you zero an instrument.  it is critical that the zero gas is below the detectible limits.  finally, high quality pure gas will extend the life of your instrumentation and equipment.  impurities can contaminate your instrument columns and reduce the sensitivity of your detectors.  protect these critical components and maximize your analytical accuracy by only using high quality pure gas appropriate for your application. 

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